Behind the Enduro-x Nationals

We are proud to bring an Enduro-cross event to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and to conduct an event attracting state, national and international riders.  This event series has been five years in the making, from concept to drawing board, to Motorcycling Australia, to venue and to track formation.  Typically enduro type events are run in remote or hard to get at locations.  We aim to bring the action to the people.   Australian riders are now competing evenly and successfully amongst the best riders all around the world.


The Motocross and Off Road racing season traditionally commences in March through to October and ties up riders and venues with sponsorship and factory ride contracts.


For this series we are running a short sharp three rounds prior to the Australian Off Road Championships.   The event is conducted under the control of the Motorcycling Australia and Enduro-X promotions under the management of Dave and Colin Robbins.


This year we welcome all of our supporting sponsors who have helped make this event become a reality and in particular to our naming rights sponsor Insure My Ride


You will see Australia’s top international class riders competing for the prize money; Toby Price, Chris Hollis, Tom McCormack, and Victoria’s top riders in Peter Boyle, Daniel Milner and many more.


The intention of the event is to bring a calibre of racing to the public that has never been seen before in an open arena.  The entertainment will be purely motorcycle competition related and will be directed towards family orientated spectators with an interest in this type of event at its most purist format.  This type of event format brings the riding competition to the family person who can enjoy modern amenities, such as toilets, a bar and eating facilities in a civilised environment.  The test of riders’ skills at this level is both challenging and competitive and a high level of spectator value is assured.


We thank both the riders for their enthusiasm in taking up the opportunity to show their skills in a public arena.  We thank the Australian Motorcycling industry for showing their support in getting behind this event through their financial sponsorship.  You will see each of the sponsor’s presence on each course obstacles.  Most of all we thank you, the spectators, by coming out in numbers and supporting this new event concept in Australia.  The results and footage of this series will be shown worldwide.