What is Enduro-x?

Enduro-cross was founded in America in 2004 at an arena in Las Vegas and has expanded worldwide from that point on.  This format of event has taken both America and Europe by storm over the last nine years and is now incorporated in the various one off events and series championships.


Enduro-cross is a mix of Supercross and Enduro, brought to the spectators on an indoor or closed outdoor circuit.   Enduro-cross brings a whole new element to racing because it’s not built on speed; it’s built on the riders and his ability to ride a motorcycle over man made obstacles.


The track comprises many sections with riders using every skill required in off road riding.  The sections include rocks, boulders, logs, sand, mud, water holes and special obstacles like giant tyres and wooden sections resembling fallen trees.  Enduro-cross events are typically held on smaller sized venues allowing spectators to get close to the action.