Calder Park Raceway venue takes shape for round 3


In the lead up to round 3 of the InsureMyRide Australian enduro-x national’s news is that final preparations are in place for the round 3 event at:

Calder park Raceway this Saturday Night 14th March 2015

Promotor of the enduro-x series, Dave Robbins announced today, “We have been working hard to finish the track in time for Saturday night’s event. The final touches and testing is just going into place now. We are scheduled to complete the course on Friday.”

USA Husqvarna rider Mike Brown remains the rider to challenge the 2015 enduro-x crown. The expected challenges will come from Toby Price, Peter Boyle, Josh Green, Daniel Sanders, Tye Simmonds, Tom McCormack, Mitch Harper and Lachlan Stanford who all showed at times they had the pace to run with the American. Josh Green has been the stand out Australian rider and is within points of challenging Brown in the final round.

Enduro-x tickets are available at the gate, so there is no problem getting tickets at the venue, using eftpos/cash. Parking is free. Seating is grass and available to all.
Programs are free. Bar and food facilities open.
Spectator gates open at 3.00pm (Practice). Racing starts at 4.00pm. Support class Finals start at 7.00pm. Pro Finals start at 9.00pm. 10.00 pm event completion.
Organisers state a good time to arrive is around 6.00 pm and ask that spectators wear enclosed footwear to take a walk through the pits and see the riders.