Excitement builds for endurocross head2head at moto expo


The anticipation for the moto expo Australian Motorcycle Finance Head2Head endurocross presented by Yamaha has been raised another level. Organisers are able to announce that Australia’s top enduro rider, Daniel Milner, will now be competing in the event. With 3 members of the highly successful Argentina ISDE world junior trophy team, placing 3rd in the world, Tom McCormack, Scott Keegan and Daniel Sanders; Current Australian endurocross champion Chris Hollis; all time Australian off road legend Ben Grabham; and top line motocross rider Tye Simmonds mixing it up.

In a unique brand of competition, riders will compete on a smaller endurocross track incorporating all the standard endurocross obstacles, logs, rocks, tyres, and a special flyover made for the event

Event organiser, Australian enduro-x manager, Dave Robbins, stated, “The track area is restricted in size and only allows 2 riders at a time to compete against one another. This created the head2head concept, where riders will qualify in seeding order, and be eliminated one by one, and eventually there will be 2 riders left for the final.

Off road commentating revelation Cade Vagg will announce the racing and with his unique insight and knowledge of all the riders will keep the spectators abreast of who is racing and the whole endurocross head2head concept.

Spectators will have close up access to the endurocross track and be able to speak to the riders after each event and get autographs from their favourite riders.

The endurocross head2head will be held at the Melbourne showgrounds Moto expo on both Saturday 29th Nov and Sunday 30th Nov from 2pm to 3pm both days. Entry to the event is by open Moto expo general admission ticket.

No. Name First name Team
3 Milner Daniel CDR Yamaha
42 Simonds Tye KTM
Boyle Peter KTM
1 Hollis Chris CDR Yamaha
Keegan Scott Husqvarna
4 Mc Cormack Tom CDR Yamaha
Sanders Daniel KTM Aust
Mason Tom KTM
5 Carter Wayde KTM Aust
Field Jack Gas Gas
Stefan Granquist
15 Tomlinson Nic KTM
18 Grabham Broc sherco
Nowack Rob
500 Reiman Adam ktm Aust
Smith Damien Husqvarna
38 Grabham Ben ktm Aust
35 Grimshaw Jayden Yamaha
Coleman Tim Beta
Guggemos Adrian Beta
Wedlock Jai Sherco
Rees Dylan

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